Sunday, May 20, 2007

Photo Friday (on Sunday): Water

So, vee, I made it before Fruesday!

A note first: there has been a lot of sadness and joy in the blogosphere of late. Our hearts break for our blog friends every time an unwanted period arrives; when a last IVF doesn't take; or a baby (in any stage of development) dies. We're hesitant to post specific links to those sad stories because, while we really enjoyed the attention we got from then-strangers when we got our BFP, we're less sure how we'd feel about the same attention for a more tragic turn. That's a personal choice, though. Anyway, please know our thoughts are with you in both joy and grief.

This is one of our favorite pictures of Maggie, and I know we've put it on the blog before. She loves the beach and has come with us on beach vacations to Fire Island, Topsail Island (North Carolina), and Cape May. I'm pretty sure this picture is from Topsail Island.

Maggie loves to dig in the sand, walk along the shoreline, and eat sand crabs (no photo of this; it is disgusting, if unavoidable). Her forays into the water are brief and few, but she enjoys chasing bubbles and wading. I saw her swim once, just once, in a lake in the Berkshires. In this shot she's running, rather than swimming.

Chariots of Shmup

This next photo was taken at a yearly festival we'll be attending again in just a few weeks! I (Lo) have been at this festival every year since 1984; this tradition has outlasted two hometowns and my parents' marriage. It's also a time to connect with family and friends. This year nephew S. will meet "nephew" Squeak! Co has been there with me every year since 2002, and we were married with a view of this same river.

A canoe on the Hudson


gypsygrrl said...

i LOVE Topsail Beach, NC - i spent two too-short days there this christmas with my cajun was heaven. i have a photo of me walking on the beach in my pajamas on christmas eve morning before we left for home...

your maggie is SO cute!!!

S. said...

Enjoy the festival!