Saturday, May 26, 2007

Discovering Google Analytics

So Cali's post (and S too) encouraged me to sign up for this service. And Co and I used our long weekend to take a look at who stumbles upon us. A partial list:

Corgi sperm (none here, sorry)
Animal sniffing other animal's butt (there is a lot of that in our house, but our blog?)
Pics of lesbians with crew cuts (sorry,folks, nothing to see here)
How is amniotic fluid made (by the amniotic stork!)
Nuchal thingy (checking out baby thingy)
What does a Pokeno card look like (well, that we have!)
short stumpy thumb (I'm getting a complex)
Embryo-o's (oh my God it IS a cereal?)
late-blooming lesbian (welcome!)
giving dachshunds ibuprofen (don't)
intact hymen and 35 weeks pregnant (the moshiach is coming!)
Is IUI okay if man on antibiotics (we didn't ask Dr. Quick. I hope it is)
Chicory is going to give birth to a baby (yes, she is!!!)

This is great fun indeed...

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Trista said...

That is so weird that you get people googling me on your blog. Weird.