Saturday, May 05, 2007

Oh. My. God.

You children of the '80s might remember the fine, Canadian show "You C*n't Do that on T.V.," aired here in the States on Nickelodeon. I was an enormous fan. And I had an enormous crush on Chr*st*ne. She was my first celebrity crush (I was ten years old). My mom used to get on my case because Nickelodeon showed the same episode twice a day...and I watched both. I knew I couldn't explain to her that it was because I needed to look at Chr*st*ne, but I wasn't exactly sure what that meant.

I still have many episodes of the show in my VHS archives, and I'm known among my friends for that early fandom. A friend emailed me recently that he found a website with a podcast by, gasp, Chr*st*ne. I checked it out, and presented with an email address, I couldn't help but write to her. That was a few months ago and I had forgotten all about it.

And then today I received this email:

Dear Lo,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful email! It is shameful that it has
taken me this long to respond. I have started a blog, and I hope you
will bring your perspective and your smarts over to it, and
participate. It's at

Take care, and thanks again,


My ten-year-old heart is beating madly. Positively amazing.


calliope said...



jay said...


Lo said...

Cali: Oh, yes. Definitely. To the extent that I don't know if it's a coincidence I ended up with a dark-haired girl of similar ethnicity.
Though I started watching the show when we got our first color T.V. I mean, *everyone* looked better when they weren't gray.

Jay: Was that show on in the U.K., too?

vee said...

That's so funny! Bless your cottons! It was never on over here, sadly. You know, you are going to become good buddies with her after posting your smarts on her blog. Hell, one day soon you're going to meet her IRL. I know this to be true! (Though I should point out, I don't have a proven track record in premonitions!)

marci said...

Yeah! I used to watch it too! (I was much older than you though...) My little brother used to love it! And yes, Chr*st*ne was sooo hot!!!

Trista said...


Loved it. I'm going to go check out the blog right now.

oneofhismoms said...

I looooooooved moose. Loved her. And Jo from Facts of Life.

It was particularly fun when she got slimed.