Thursday, February 02, 2006


There needs to be some kind of glossary. Perhaps this post can serve as such?
Co and I being the brilliant English nerds that we are, we have figured out TTC (trying to conceive) and dpo (days past ovulation).
Marcie of lightcomingon was kind enough to explain RE (reproductive endocrinologist).
Here's the two we can't figure out: EWCM and AF. Co said she figured out from context clues what AF probably was; but neither of us could figure out what the abbreviation stood for. Unless it's Aunt Flo. Is that right???

The guessing game is admittedly fun, but we're nerdily open to clarification.

P.S. Now, when I post comments, the adorable cake toppers my sister S. made us now appear as my icon (is that correct terminology? does it give away that I have a lot of friends who use LiveJournal? Oh, well). And the picture is on the blog. Please chime in if you think S. could sell such an item, because I know I am her sister and I love her (and thus she won't believe me), but I think custom cake toppers is a niche and could be in some demand....for het and queer couples....and my sister does live in that only state in our fair union that has finally made it legal....


Brooke said...

Hey there! Love the cake topper & I totally think they would sell. Who wouldn't want a custom cake topper for their special day? And not just wedding either - I can see it as something that parents could use for their kids' birthday cakes. So cool.

As for abbreviations, I absolutely know how you feel. It took a while for me to feel like I had a handle on the jargon. AF does, indeed, stand for Aunt Flo. EWCM stands for Egg White Cervical Mucus (aka FM or fertile mucus). A great resouce is rainbow conceptions ( - on their TTC board, there's a sticky post with a helpful list of abbreviations and their meanings. Not to mention that it's a fabulously intelligent & supportive community of dykes trying to (or succeeding at!) having babies. Stop on by when you get a moment!

marci said...

Hey ladies,

I think sister definitely can make some dough (horrid pun intended) with her cake toppers. They are adorable!

And thanks for the post on the abbreviation enigmas. I thought I was the only one out their scratching my head about them. :)