Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So, a brief interlude about our wedding. Above is a photo of the cake topper from our wedding last August. Lo's sister made it for us because we were complaining that it was difficult to find a cake topper. We found plenty that had two brides, but we wore simpler fare and only Co wore white.

So, Lo's artistic sister went above and beyond and made us this lovely cake topper out of fimo. We've told her she should go into business because it was just so cute.

Here's a peek.


Sarah and BB said...

Really Nice! It looks really yummy! And the figures are amazing, nice work!

Trista said...

I think it's beautiful. Much nicer than the one we had. We would definitely have been interested in something like this (and believe me, we looked!) of course, since we planned ours in a little over a month there may not have been time for us to order one... but that's just us. She should definitely go into business!

M. said...

She SHOULD sell these. When we got married there wasn't much out there. We just went for flowers on top since none of the cake toppers would work.

It'd be really cool if she made them to order, from pictures of the brides/grooms and what they'd be wearing that day.

Oh, and unlike Trista, we planned our wedding in our heads for years and in reality for a year, so we would have had time to order one!