Thursday, February 23, 2006

PKD D-Day, Part 2

2 things:
a) Co looks a bit like my dad. My sister certainly has pointed this out, anyway. ( I mean there are a number of key differences...)

b) We did some talking to my mom about the potential use of a KD. This made me think of Dora at mommyduet, since it took a few back-and-forths before she understood that we are not looking for a father (and she did *seem* to get it).
However, I also thought of Charlotte at dosmamas when my mother proved herself to be, if not the mayor of Crazytown, clearly a Town Meeting Member (her being in Mass. and all). We were talking about a relative we had idly thought of as a potential donor, but never seriously entertained because the family issues make it complicated (even if he was okay with it, would his parents be? etc. etc.). And I pointed out that it didn't matter because that wouldn't work for both of us anyway. AND SHE SAID "WHY NOT?" My mommy! The person who raised me! The person who was supposed to pass on the all important incest taboo!!!!
Whatever. :-)


Co said...

Umm... I so don't look like Lo's dad. He has glasses and dark hair. So do I. The similarity ends there.

Sorry, dear, if you disagree.

Sarah and BB said...

Am I weird for being the ony one who does NOT care if our baby looks like me? I think I must be.

And that is super cute the partner discussions in comments!!

Co said...

No, it's not weird, Sarah. I think some people care about babies looking like them or like both people in the couple. Others don't.

Personally, I don't think Lo and I really care all that much. I think when it's Lo's turn to be the bio mom, I'd love for that child to look like her. But that's cuz I think she's so beautiful. :-)

Lo said...

Kay, can you identify yourself? If you know us, I'd like to know who you are.

Calliope said...

ok - you guys with the comments are just too cute!

Kay said...
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Lo said...

You mean you used your first initial? Okay, I guess i get it then.
Um, I don't fully understand what you said about my mom then.

charlotte said...

I sent you the packet with the donor questions two weeks ago?? Did you not get them?? I will resend.

charlotte said...

I have come to the conclusion, after 3 meetings with 3 different KDs (Lo you have to see my blog for the soap opera details on the latest), that everything about a KD is important and valid.

Looks are important, personality is important, the KD's feeling about donating are very important. But above all of that is your gut. Please listen to it. Your gut really knows. Either you have chemistry and feel like you want this person to help you make a baby or not. And what is important is listening to that.

I now believe that even someone wanting a KD who looks a particular way will change their mind if the person is right. Or maybe you want a Jewish astronaut, but a Guatemalan man is just the perfect KD for you. Believe me, anything can happen.

In my journey I had the openness to possibilities part, but not the REALLY trust my gut part. Sorry for the huge ramble:)

You will do great tomorrow!

You are both in my thoughts. I cant wait to hear all about it (don't wait until Tuesday to post !!!)

Oh and your mom is a City COuncil memebr of Crazytown. ;)

charlotte said...

I sent you another email, did you get it?

Green Dads said...

Hey Lo,I was just looking over your blog and I added a link to it at ours.
We're headed out on vacation. :-)