Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I know people have different opinions about Human Rights Campaign. However, I think the link below is worth a click:

  • Million for Marriage

  • Legal marriage would be, well, better than what some of us have now. :-)

    I am tense/excited/unsure/antsy about the New Jersey development. The arguments were yesterday. My 7th & 8th graders,
    bless their hearts, scratched their heads a little about it, and then decided they didn't see why gay people shouldn't be allowed to marry. They really couldn't think of any good reasons against it.


    marci said...

    Wow... did you broach the subject with them? Did they bring it up? I'm always too scared too scared to mention anything about it.

    marci said...

    see how scared I am? I said it twice! :)

    Lo said...

    I always write "Today in History" at the top of the board (I have a book that lists different events that happened on every single date) I put up something like "2006, New Jersey Supreme Court hears argument about gay marriage." It was nice because I juxtaposed it with "1804 N.J. abolishes slavery." What I usually do with "Today in History" if see if it sparks kid interest, and both of those (as well as the relationship between them) definitely did. We ended up having a brief discussion.

    marci said...

    Re: South Park Characters:

    Hey Lo, you have a mac, right? If you do, you can hit and hold the 'apple' key, then the 'shift' key, tap the '4' key and a target will appear. Drag it over the image you want holding mouse click down and then let go of your mouse. An image should appear on your desktop!