Sunday, December 30, 2007

Baby Questions

Happy Erev New Year/New Year's Eve!

Everything I know about TTC I learned from the IVP. Those of you who know what I mean, know I'm quite serious.

So teach me about babies.

--What are some baby sites you recommend: for infant development information, "troubleshooting" the little critter, and keeping track of things (sleep patterns, charting the height and weight, etc)?

--Anything in particular I should be expecting during this first month?

--Any wisdom you'd like to pass on from your own first weeks with (to quote the fostermoms) a Parasitic Alien Bunny?

I opened the gates, people, so bring on the assvice. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I've been through it x2, and I'm embarrassed to say that I already forget a lot. But I'll try.

-What are some baby sites you recommend: I usually look at Dr. Spock, Dr. Greene, Dr. Sears (even though he's a jerkface- but for childhood illness/symptoms/treatments, his site is good), and Kellymom for nursing stuff.

--Anything in particular I should be expecting during this first month: Expect everything and nothing. The first couple months are a wild card. That's probably useless, but there you go.

--Any wisdom you'd like to pass on from your own first weeks with (to quote the fostermoms) a Parasitic Alien Bunny? - mine were in the NICU, so that's a bit different from your situation. I guess just expect a lot of nursing and not much sleep but know that it gradually improves. From my personal perspective, I'd say don't expect to feel in control or like an expert for a while. It seems like as soon as you have a handle on one stage, things change and you are scratching your head again. Maybe my best advice would be to try not to blame yourselves when things seem to take a wrong turn all of the sudden. Babies change unpredictably, and it's important to realize that not everything you do will effect/traumatize/help your baby. You can only react and do your best at the time.

Jen said...

The most useful website in my opinion is AskMoxie:

She is practical, honest, level-headed, funny, and compassionate. And her commenters usually have awesome ideas, too.

I second the Kellymom reco.

If you are using or thinking of using cloth diapers, is a great resource for information and secondhand dipes.

For sling and babywearing info, and are great.

I do get the BabyCenter weekly emails but mostly to laugh at them.

Generally speaking, just try to remember that you can survive anything, no matter how overwhelming it seems at the time. And take lots of pictures! I love the one in this post!

oneofhismoms said...

I'm sorry, grrrrls. I don't really remember the first month. I only remember being relieved when A would nurse him at night because he would actually be quiet for 15 minutes.

Oh wait, here's some good advice about changing diapers the first one is for boys.

Tuck it down. Get it? Point that weenie down, before you close the diaper, so he doesn't pee straight out of the thing.

Also, though you've probably figured this one out already... poop comes in twos. If he poops, give him time to do it again before you take that diaper off. We call the time we learned that trick "The Incident of the Flying Poo." Enough said.

BTW when you asked me if I could show you how to use the Maya wrap, I should have said, "Put it in the closet, and put on your Ergo." That's pretty much what we did.

Jude said...

Rule #1 - Sleep. Sleep whenever you can. Even if you think there are other things you "should" be doing: sleep.

Rule #2 - The only constant with infants is change. Don't like something he's doing? Wait a week. Love something he's doing? Wait a week.

Rule #3 - Read Moxie's blog. It will make you feel sane.

Rule #4 - Remember I love you.

Shelli said...

Dr. Sears is good for clinical facts - ie: GO to the doctor if A< DON'T go the doctor if B. Etc.

Happiest Baby on the block - we learned all about the shushing, swinging, swaddling, and two other sss's that made Malka a HAPPY HAPPY baby.

Mylicon gas drops are your BEST friend. We would mix it directly into Malka's formula, but you can give him some just before or after a feeding,a nd WOAH, it eases the gas.

one of those sleep positioner thinggies - it helped miss spit up mcspiterson spit up less, and cry less, and SLEEP...