Saturday, December 01, 2007


A few days ago, this came in the mail:

Quilt Handmade by J.

This beautiful quilt was handmade for Flipper by J. I am both touched and awed.

Also, here is a picture of the beautiful sweater that Melody made. It is, apparently, her first baby sweater. You bloggers are incredibly gifted, and incredibly generous.

Sweater Handmade by Melody

My principal gave me several items of babywear that declare our mutual love for the city we both live in (my school is not in that city). Here's Maggie modeling the bib:

Maggie in Bib

Today at services, our rabbi gave us an etrog left over from Sukkot (an etrog in December is shriveled and sad-looking, below; the picture in the link shows what they are supposed to look like). There's a folktale that if a pregnant woman eats an etrog, she will have a fragrant baby.

Etrog in December

Due Date Buddy's parents, who consider themselves Flipper's adopted grandparents, generously sent us several items from our registry, including a baby monitor. I set it up, putting the base in our bedroom where Flipper will be sleeping at first. When I put batteries in the handset, standing in the kitchen, I got some feedback as though I were standing to close to the base unit. If you have seen our apartment this will not surprise you. (But seriously, it will be nice to have a monitor in case we ever do want to let him sleep and actually leave the room.)

My mother, who is not unlike me, called last night....just to check. Heh.

(This post counts for Thankful Friday.)


ms.bri said...

Why does one want a 'fragrant' baby exactly?

Lo said...

Well, we don't know, Bri. But who are we to argue with tradition.

oneofhismoms said...

Uuuh. Is she really gonna eat it?

FosterMommy said...

Yeah, the thought of a monitor in your apartment makes me laugh. :) I suppose if you're in the bathroom you might not hear flipper....

fostermama said...

Oooh, can't wait to send our Flipper gifts! We thought you didn't want them til he was here. It's fun to have one of them sitting in the dining room reminding us of his impending arrival each time we walk through. Flipper!

It's good to have something to be excited and happy about in our lives right now. :)

Lo said...

The idea is to perhaps zest a bit of the etrog. We'll let you all know how it goes...

Sandra said...

I don't know about fragrant babies, but I've heard of biting the stem off or making it into jelly and eating that. Both of those are said to help have an easy labor.