Sunday, December 23, 2007

Milk Monster

Jo nursed today. All day. Constantly. He wouldn't let me hold him, he wouldn't let my mom hold him, he just. wanted. boob. (The kind with milk, that is. My mom and I are quite ample in the boob department.)

Thanks to MermaidGrrl's, Bri's , and Sacha's honest posts about nourishing their ravenous little milk monsters, I know this is normal and that he won't be like this every day. The IVP is really the most amazing community and I can't imagine facing the task of parenting without you amazing women. (Which is not to say I couldn't use some reassurance. As could my poor Co, the cow.)


Sandra said...

Gotta love those growth spurts :)

I remember being told that at different times, the kids would express preferences for one parent over the other. Knowing that it's totally normal has helped me roll with the punches. When I'm IT, I bask in the attention and try not to feel too overwhelmed because I know it will pass. When it's Gary's turn, I try not to feel rejected (not always easy!!!) and enjoy the break and feel happy to have a partner with a good relationship with his kids :)

FosterMommy said...

Even though we take turns being the moo-cow, it can still get overwhelming - especially at night. I try and remember that this is a finite time in his life and that I'll be looking back on it fondly when it's over, so I might as well enjoy it. Or at least not get too annoyed. :)

This is a good link about newborn-ish nursing, with a guide to the common growth spurt times.

FosterMommy said...

this is fostermama. I'm too lazy to sign out and back in.

Even though Squeak nurses from both of us, he gets into phases of preference. A few weeks ago he mostly wouldn't let FosterMommy nurse him down to sleep, cried like crazy when I left the house, and lurched for me (and ignored her) whenever he had the chance. It did get overwhelming for me, though it was sweet. And, it passed.

And yeah, there are those times where they just won't let go. Squeak slept through the night attached to one boob or another for about a week once. And he's less of a boob monster than many.

The growth spurts don't usually last more than a few days. Co will likely need whatever breaks she can get, but sounds like you know that. Also, make sure she's drinking a lot of water.


You'll get to snoogle your boy soon.

Anonymous said...

We never had those nursing marathons, but I can imagine that it must be intense. Good luck, and I'm still thinking of you. -laG (now meanmama)

indigoscot said...

yes, those are so tiring. i think our wee guy is about ready for solids but we are trying to hold off until 6 months - he'll be 5 months tomorrow and since i'm off work over the holidays, it's been a nurse-fest! he may be having another growth spurt too... stick in there, as tiring as those marathons are, they do pass!!