Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lots Of News (but not THAT news)

*So we successfully made our appointment with our lawyer. We signed wills, as well as all of the other documentation that approximates marriage: health care proxy, standby guardianship for each other, durable power of attorney.... We also signed standby guardianship for Flipper (mine, of him) and the form that gives me the right to make his medical decisions. It's good to have that taken care of!

When my best friend from college got married, as part of the ketubah signing, she and her partner displayed the sheafs of documents they'd had to prepare to approximate marriage in their state. Signing all those papers made me think of that moment. I felt simultaneously annoyed that heterosexual people can sign a single license and automatically be granted all these rights for a fraction of the cost and energy; and lucky that we live in a state and a city where we can cobble together something like a marriage, as well as second parent adoption.

Our lawyer is really thorough and sweet (if any local folks need rec's, we'll be happy to pass her info along). Her firm moved their offices from the building associated with King Kong (where we actually saw a guy dressed up as King Kong on our first visit) to a much more convenient locale downtown.

*We both got our Social Security cards and driver's licenses in the mail with our new name. Yay! I wanted to post a picture, but given the privacy level of this blog, all you'd see is those Corinthian columns. So, uh, imagine the columns.

*Co got acupuncture. If you know Co at all, you know this is entirely not in character. But she enjoyed it. She'll post about it.

*We put up our tree, and it is very pretty. Right now my mom and my wife are making latkes in the kitchen, and we're listening to Chanukah music. I love this season.

*Due Date Buddy had her baby. Her husband actually called us last night at 2 a.m. to drive them to the hospital, since they were having trouble getting a car service. So we've done our trial run! We just heard that the baby was finally born at 4:51 p.m., via C-section. I know that's not what she wanted, but the good news is that baby and mom are both healthy and resting.

*My mom gave us the most exciting Chanukah present: a new camera!! We had decided to buy one (I was amassing gift certificates) because our old one has issues. It's this one, just a few steps ups from the PowerShot A530 we had. It's more pixels, and has significantly less delay when snapping shots. I'm very happy. (Being my mom, she also gave us three books: It's A Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons; How To Raise A Jewish Dog; and Born To Kvetch.)


ohchicken said...

lo, i love your mom's book choices! and your tree and menorah! so festive all around...congrats on the camera as well. i'm glad you're beginning to break it in. get those megapixels running so they're prepared to process the overwhemling cuteness of flipper :)

Melody said...

I love your tree! Vanessa has been talking about buying a skinny tree after the holidays this year. We have a small living room, and our current tree takes up about a quarter of it.

Congrats on making it all official!

calliope said...

great tree! How tall is it?

So glad so many of the GIANT things are now taken care of. phew.

In a sustained state of excitement for you guys.

Sara said...

Looks like you have some great reading to do... soon, though, i suspect you won't have much time!! hang in there!

fostermama said...

Here's a something to do idea:
I just clicked on the "IVP" link on your blog cuz I was curious, having seen it mentioned in posts here and elsewhere. It's a wiki page that needs lots of blanks filled in. Looks like there's a page waiting to be written about "two week wait", for example.

Co said...


The tree is 6.5 feet tall.


We had a much bushier tree in previous years... artificial tree like this one. (I'm allergic to real Xmas trees.) This year, we decided to be honest about the space in our apartment and got a skinny tree. I like it.