Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye, 2007

I'm not entirely ready to say goodbye to this year: the year our Flipper grew, and then joined us. But I am looking forward to 2008 in a way I haven't looked forward since I was a very little girl.

I am excited to report that I used the Ergo with infant insert for the first time, inspired by Bri, and I LOVE it. We have a Maya wrap and we may yet figure it out. But oh my goodness, you should not need a Ph.d in slingology to carry your kid. It is one thing if I cannot follow the video lady to thread the sling; I am notoriously bad at such tasks. I have trouble following visual directions. It is another thing entirely if my kinesthetic wife, who can do amazing things with her hands like be fluent in ASL, has difficulty.

The Ergo, on the other hand, has an incredibly easy short video right on their website that showed me how to use the infant insert. I did it right the first time, all by myself. So thanks to that, the laundry is actually being done. A necessity, thanks to Jo the Firehose (mouth and nether regions, thanks).

So yeah, that's our New Year's Eve plan, unless we venture over to our friends' mellow party for a spell. But we do have four flavors of ice cream in the freezer so I'm not complaining. Besides, the rich variety of Law & Order marathons make it clear I'm not the only one home in front of the tube. What are you doing tonight?

(Please read the post below and give me baby advice!)


Anonymous said...

Once I'm not contagious, I'd be happy to help with the Maya.

Anonymous said...

OH, and what am I doing? I'm having a "sleepover party" in the living room. Eva (awake) and Raffi (asleep) are lying on the floor on blankets and David (asleep) is on the couch with me. Gary is out somewhere in Manhattan, having been called out for an emergency job at rates that were too high to pass up. As we had nothing but sleep planned to begin with, I didn't object.