Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Jo's Early Weeks

Our days have been, for the most part, a blur of Jo eating (and eating and eating), us eating while the other holds Jo, and us trying to sleep. And changing Jo. Like, every 5 minutes. It is good we are no longer using the Insane Chart from the pregnancy planner to keep track of diapers. (The lactation consultant was impressed with the chart, but the pediatrician, God bless her, said she would put it in the circular file.)

We've had a steady stream of visitors: my mom's been in town since Jo was born, and my sister came down this weekend with her husband and Nephew S. Nephew S. is now a toddler, so we had a glimpse of our future, and it was sobering. The recycling bins, the glass candle holders, the cups of pens and pencils, the dog toys....ho boy.

Fortunately, Nephew S's favorite toy is an empty seltzer bottle, so he was easy to please, especially in this household.

Jo has also been visited by his "Aunties" L. and R. (Co's friends), his "Uncle" B. (fostermama's dad), my Cousin J. (he's a year younger than I am, and he brought the best present ever: socks that fit!), his Great-Aunt R. (on Co's side) (who came all the way from her neighboring state; the geographic distance is only about an hour, but the psychological distance, my friends, shows true dedication). Auntie L. made him a beautiful rainbow-patterned blanket. Great-Aunt R. made him a sweater and a blanket.

Aunties W. and J. came by the day after we came from the hospital and brought the best gift ever: Lunch!!

My dad came into town very briefly. I was sad that he was in Germany while Jo was born (and annoyed that he kept reminding me to be "mindful of the time difference" when calling him; like I had any idea what time it was or day it was, humph). But I feel healed by how sweet he was with baby Jo, and he and stepmom (she does not feel like a stepmom, but the other name for her is, alas, unbloggable; and we've come to a detente over the years) showered him with gifts. (Which, alas, and typically, since the divorce is how Dad has tried to express his feelings.) I'll be posting a picture later on of Jo's substantial stuffed animal collection, which they added to; among the other highlights are a Hmong children's outfit from Thailand and the most adorable finger puppets from Ike@ (the one near their house in Germany, that is). They were in Thailand a year and a half ago, right before our attempt to visit the bank that brought us Jo, so I was really touched that they were planning for his arrival that early.

Due Date Buddy stopped by briefly, so Jo finally got to meet his BFF, Baby L.! (They look alike, don't they?? Jo is the one on the left in the doggy onesie. Natch.)

Today we are going to Co's family for Christmas. We'll see how many relatives we can manage, what with Jo's busy boob schedule.

Happy Holidays to all, or to quote Chicory and Shelli: happy Tuesday and Chinese food.


Anonymous said...

I haven't visited but it's not because we don't want to... some things in life are better off left unshared! This thing is definitely fitting the description of this year's flu, not something that scares me in my healthy kids, but not something I'd willingly expose a newborn to. Soooo... I'll stay far away from JO and cross my legs for a while.

Anonymous said...

WOOOHOO!!! I can comment using my LJ id now???