Sunday, December 16, 2007


I am working on some long posts about the experience of bringing Jo into the world, and having him in it, but here are some quick snippets:

*We are using a box of alcohol pads we had in the house to care for his umbilical cord stump (which Co, adorably, calls his "umbie"). Why did we have them in the house? They came with the Follistim pen. There is poetry in that. (If you can find rhymes for "follicle.")

*Co calls him "boychik" (Yiddish for "little boy") all the time and it just melts my heart. She got into the habit, of course, from me and my mom, who have been calling him "boychik" since the anatomy scan. (And I also use the name for Nephew S.)

And a request: we're picking a photo for a holiday card/birth announcement. My dream is to stage a photo in his cute Br**klyn onesie, sitting next to Maggie. But, barring that, are there any of the flickr ones that folks think would be good? Leave a comment here and/or on flickr.

More soon.


Erika said...

You couldn't have a better Hannukah present. You have a beautiful baby boy... Congrats! In the past 3 weeks or so I went through your whole blog and so I was waiting anxiously for J to be born and now I feel as if I was some long-lost aunt that finally got to see her nephew's pics :) Congrats again, all the good vibes to you, and the best holiday wishes from here in Mexico!

Emory Student Midwife said...

Co & Lo -- he's soooooooo cute. You guys did an awesome job!!! :)

And about the branch-eating, yes, it is typical doxie random behavior. Lol. But I love them. Graisen has an affinity for paper items. One time he pooped out an entire (intact) sheet of paper towel. I, of course, got stuck with the job of removing the "hanger-on" when it got stuck. Now that's unconditional love.

steinbockfrau said...

awwwww! boychick is such a cute endearment.

sending you all much love.

oneofhismoms said...

We waved "Hi" to the boychick when we drove past your apartment last night.

Diabolicle rhymes with follicle. That's why I got this here poetry degreee.

fostermama said...

That pic on flickr that someone else cropped and noted would be a good card - I agree!

dolomite2531 said...

what a beautiful baby boy! Our son will be 3 months in another week or so...hang in there because it will get better! :-)--Dolores

Sandra said...

Using alcohol or other disinfectants on the cord will keep it on longer, if that matters to you. I know that the range of recommendations from hcp to hcp is pretty broad, though.

I really love the photos of the three of you shortly after birth. None of them are especially good pictures of any one of you, but the love pouring out of the photo... they made me melt.

party b said...

congrats :-)