Monday, December 03, 2007

Good Things

*This place just opened up around the corner from us. When we are about to have a baby. I love this city.

*I got less mileage out of teaching Homo erectus this year. I guess that is good. But I found myself missing the giggles.

*One of my students gave me a gift for Flipper, a really warm winter outfit that we've packed as his going-home duds. So sweet!!

*Another of my students wrote this in her journal:
This entry is written just for you Lo! [The kids call me by my first name.] I can't wait until your baby arrives. I am so happy for you. I know you are going to put all your love into him (or her) and I want to wish you luck, happiness, and love. I will miss you when you leave but, I know you will be taking extra care of your special baby. I hope the baby will become strong and smart just like you. I want you to know this comes from my heart because I never write letters like this so you are a special exception.

Please note that I teach 7th grade. I am more likely to hear "F you" than "I love you" from the kiddos on any given day, and all that "changing the life of a child" cheese is something I have to take on faith. So, these moments are especially touching.

Initially I was a bit sad that I was leaving these fabulous kids for two months, since I would have been happy to give up time with the group I had last year. But I am so, so glad these cuties are the kids to welcome Flipper.

*The snow from yesterday has melted, but it is wintry cold (like Cali, something about the cold weather makes me feel more alive). And Co made her very delicious escarole soup with meatballs.

*We have an appointment with our lawyer to finalize some legal documents on Friday. Maybe we'll make it, maybe we won't.

*I have been playing with my new toy almost nonstop, transforming my cassettes into mp3s. And driving Co just a little bit nuts (she appreciated my Beatles phase a lot more than my musicals phase). My cassettes mean a great deal to me, and I have been mulling over a post about the topic in my head. Coming soon...

*Co is working on a post, as brilliant and sensitive as her posts always are. She's having trouble with wireless though (she, unlike Chicory and I, does not like "borrowing" wireless) so you will have to wait for her wisdom.


Chicory said...

Oh. My. Lord. I just now clicked on the link to see what it is that you got... if I sent you a cassette of something that I can't find anywhere else (a bootleg tape of a performance that Bonnie Rait gave when she was 18) and a cd, could you rip it for me? You know, in all your abundant spare time?

calliope said...

That note from your student has got to be one of the sweetest things EVER. wow.

thinking of you guys as you get nearer to THE day.


Melody said...

1 day left till your due date. I am seriously checking your site every few hours. No pressure or anything.