Thursday, February 28, 2008

Benevolent Freight Train

So, I'm a working mom now.

I like my job, I like my students, I enjoy being out in the world and exercising that part of myself. But ho boy, it's an adjustment. Hence the "benevolent freight train" metaphor. (And there's just one of the reasons I am not a poet...)

I miss spending the day with my boy. I have cried from overwhelm more than once this week.

And I'm EXHAUSTED, though mildly hopeful that it took me until Thursday to be quite this exhausted.

Co is still home with Jo full-time 'til April. She is adjusting to being the sole stay-at-home mom, which she will tell you about when she gets the chance.

Updating here, and staying up to date with all of you on our blogroll, are among our goals. (But don't feel too slighted, 'cause sleeping is among our goals as well, which proves that not all of the goals get met.)


Clare said...

it does get easier - being the working mum (as does being the one alone at home - i have done both!)and now we are both working again - it all takes a bit adjusting. My only advice is do as much of the washing/cleaning/cooking/carry on as you can early in the week. I continue (11 months into child 2) to hit the wall about Thursday morning. It is very very bad if I haven't got anything to wear to work on Thursday and Friday that is clean and ironed etc (not to mention child 1's uniform). Men have been doing it forever of course - but my sense (and experience) is that they don't tend (even the completely fabulous ones) feel the level of house responsibility that the working gals do!

Good luck - and take care

Lynn said...

aaah- I love the overwhelmed cry- it is so satisfying when it is over.... by the way, I tagged you!

Co said...

Maybe this is selfish of me to want to clarify, but I wanted to point out that I have work projects ongoing at the moment. So, when Jo isn't awake, I am writing math problems. It's definitely nice to be home with him, but I wanted to clarify that my work world has started up, too, so I am doing both at the moment.

calliope said...

oy! for both of you.

thinking of the Family O.


fostermama said...

I hope you get settled in to your new routine soon. Don't forget, it's change and change always throws you for a loop so it will get better once it's not so new.

And yeah to what Clare said above - Thursday mornings suck. Stay at home or working, or both. Through a real variety of different arrangements, I think Thursdays have always been a hard day for me to get out of bed and face the world. Now I have a playgroup to take Squeak to with a bunch of friends for Thursday morning and it helps a lot.

SandraMort said...

LO -- *hugs* I've never been a WOHM and can only imagine how hard it is. A teeny portion of me is jealous, though. It must be nice to get out and have adult interaction every day!

CO -- *hugs* to you too! I hadn't realized you'd be WAH without help taking care of JO. Have you figured out where JO will be in April? How's the freezer stash building (BM) going?