Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dressing My Son

I am perhaps the least fashion conscious person on the planet. I do try to make sure that my clothes match. I know there is a rule about stripes and floral together. And for Co's sake I don't wear the sweat pants with the big bleach stains out of the house (beware of dishwasher detergent; who knew). Okay, maybe once in a while to walk the dog, but that's it.

But dressing Jo is the most fun I've ever had. It's like playing dolls (my dolls weren't very fashion conscious either; I never had many outfits). Jo has tons and tons of outfits, thanks to Mean Mama, other generous locals, Nephew S., and the gifts. His clothing is styling, too. I'm not so sure it would be if I picked it out, but I have only bought him one item of clothing. Really.

Not only is it fun to pick from the adorable outfits, but then there is the coordination. The socks, bib (for those spitty days), hat all have to match.

This picture is a good example (admittedly, sans bib and hat). It is also a cute example of how he is trying to roll over, and how Maggie thinks his toys are hers.

I consider it a victory if I even get dressed, but my kid is going to look good.


Jen said...

Oh, god, yes. We were maniacal when Natalie was little, in part because we'd been given nearly 3 dozen different socks in all colors, stripes, and dots. Plus we had pacifiers in about 6 colors. So we matched her outfits, her socks, her pacifier AND the clip whenever possible.

She continues to be MUCH better dressed than her mothers, especially this one.

judy said...

Such a sweet picture. I love dressing babies, buying baby clothes and handing down used items.
I have a pair of dark blue fleece pj's that I bought for my oldest son (now thirteen) that my youngest daughter (six) and the two in between have all worn.