Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

(I'm still working on the depressing post.)

So we voted. With the baby. Jo was disappointed that none of the candidates cater to the Boob Vote, but we're used to discrimination in this family. Don't even get me started on Maggie's issues...

This was our first vote since we changed our names, and it was fun to have our names one after another in the book.

The weather here is relatively balmy, so after voting we took a walk in the park with Jo and Maggie. It was the first time we've done that, and of course I've fantasized about it. I even got to the use the cupholder on the stroller for the first time (for my water bottle).

Now the boy is nursing, and the dog is resting, and we're watching The Hebrew Hammer. Status quo.


gypsygrrl said...

you 4 are precious!
glad you had a good day, complete with a walk in the park. getting there sure wasnt, eh? i cant imagine how sweet it was to see your names together :)


judy said...

OOOOOH the cup holder. Nothing says mom like the usage
of the stroller cup holder. Congratulations on a much deserved real life fantasy.
btw- I am new to blogging and could use some perspective if you get a moment to read.