Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sweet Stuff

*Jo is currently wearing/puking on a Ralph Lauren outfit. His is the only Ralph Lauren in this house; see post below about dressing my son. It's a hand-me-down. Unlike most of his sleepers (is that the right word for the ones with sleeves and footies?), it snaps in the back, not the front, which made for some impromptu tummy time on the changing table. Jo was not thrilled. It's not a surprise to me that the designer outfit looks snazzier and is far less convenient.

*I had a really wonderful encounter on the street with Jo. I was on my way home from moving the car for street cleaning, wearing Jo in the Ergo and carrying the carseat. An older man (he seemed older than my parents) standing outside one of the apartment buildings smiled broadly at me and gave me a thumbs-up. Then a few minutes later he caught up to me as I was walking (none too quickly) and told me that he used to wear his first grandson "like that," and now he has twelve granchildren, and it is the greatest blessing, "so God bless you." He had a thick Eastern-European or possibly Israeli accent. I grew up surrounded by older men with those accents and I see a lot fewer of them these days, because of both death and distance, so I teared up over this interaction.

*Maggie went to the vet today and despite some neglect in the walkie department (but she gets lots of cuddles!) she still lost .8 of a pound since her last weigh-in. At least the dog is on track.

*Chocolate Raspberry Milanos. Not sure how new they are out in the world, but I'd never seen them before. Yum (this is why it's the dog, not me, who is on track).


Co said...

Hey, you forgot to give me props for getting my butt into the dentist's chair today.

Jude said...

Punk had a Ralph Lauren outfit that we got on Freecycle. It fastens in the back as well. With BUTTONS. WTF? Who puts buttons on the BACK of a baby outfit?

FosterMommy said...

Yeah, WTF is up with the closure being in the back. We have ONE sleeper (I think they call the cotton ones "sleep-n-plays" as they're not fire retardant, so can't be called pajamas, or somesuch nonsense...) with the snaps in the back (for a little baby) and, yeah, totally stupid. It was our last-resort outfit.
also, the same WTF with buttons. They take quadruple as long to fasten and what baby wants to stick around for that?

With all the snazzy freecycle/handmedowns we have, i don't think we have Ralph Lauren stuff. That's too snazzy for the likes of our small city. Lots of Old Navy and baby Gap, though. and some Hanna Andersson, too.

Little known tidbit: I worked for Ralph Lauren for 2 days and they fired me for answering the phone wrong.

SandraMort said...

They also have chocolate mint milanos out now. I had them when I was in the hospital at about 3am and they were MUCH appreciated. I approve!!!

Melody said...

Thank goddess for sweet old men like that.