Friday, February 08, 2008

Photo Friday: Organize This

I am a pathologically organized person. That's why I chose this theme when I had the honor of doing so. Before I moved in with Co, my CDs, cassettes, books, and spices were all alphabetized (the books within categories, of course). Now only the cassettes (which are mine alone) remain in this pristinely organized state. Co is not messy, but she doesn't have the patience to keep things alphabetized, and I can't blame her that manifestation of sanity.

But in some things, I prevail. Here is my beloved pregnancy organizer. Co was skeptical that I was going to organize her pregnancy, but I did. This amazing little book has lists of questions for OBs/midwives, pediatricians, and doulas; space to keep track of information for prenatal and pediatrician appointments; and I'm still using it for the space to keep track of baby gifts and borrowed items.*
The Pregnancy Organizer

The boxes below were an organization feat. See how they fit so neatly in that ridiculous space between the stupidly low windowsill and inconveniently placed radiator? The left one holds Jo's linens, the right one his toys. (The puppy sitting on the top may please Jo someday, but for now, it announces its body parts for several looong minutes if we so much as breathe on it. Kinda creepy.)
Jo's Boxes

Last but not least, this item is probably the organizing fetish that made Co roll her eyes the hardest, but she did buy it for me:
Gift Wrap Organizer

Yes, it's a gift wrap organizer. And I love it.

*When I went searching for a link to the pregnancy organizer to share with you all, I found this. I have already ordered it, and Co is already frightened.


ms.bri said...

We used to have that same gift wrap organizer. We wore it out! Now we have an even more pleasing system involving the Elfa stuff from Container Store and our basement.

owl said...

omg! we had that creepy dog. at 2am it would just go off and sing abc, or talk about its ears.
We had to get rid of it, it freaked us out too much!

friends have said the same thing about theirs.

when i recognised it I had to de-lurk to tell you!

BA said...

I have to say that talking dog is demonic. We would throw him into the depths of the closet and he would still announce random body parts and scare the crap out of us. We had a friend come over who's kid loved it - we actually chased them down the street because they forgot to take it with them. Get rid of it as fast as you can!

megan said...

ummmm, we had the "matching" bunny to your dog, and yep, we also got rid of it. same issues with it acting possessed. we donated it to our daycare's garage sale....