Friday, February 29, 2008

The Book Meme

Wow, we've been tagged twice, by Jenny and by Lynn. So I'll try to get Co to participate in this one too.

The rules:
1. Grab the nearest book of 123 pages or more.
2. Open it to page 123.
3.Find the first 5 sentences and write them down.
4.Then invite 5 friends to do the same.

I am actually reading The Namesake but the directions say the nearest book....and that happens to be Mama Leah's Jewish Kitchen. Co left it on the coffee table because she was thinking about baking challah tonight. (Yes, even though she was home all day working AND taking care of Jo. My wife is a goddess.)

Poached salmon wasn't anything my mother had in her shtetl! And it's very expensive today as well. But it makes a beautiful and special buffet dish that is also extremely easy to prepare. It's good hot or cold and will feed a lot of people. Ask the fish market to fillet the whole salmon, leaving on the skin and saving the head and bones for you.

I really love it that my answer to this meme referenced fish heads. Awesome.

Now to tag. I choose: Melody, S., Shelli, Sophia, and H. and L.


Shelli said...

OY! OK, I've been tagged twice now, too.

And I'm sitting in a corner of the living room where the biggest book has MAYBE 20 pages, and it's mostly pictures. ;) And chewed on.

But I'll go look.

And um yeah, FRESH Challah out of the oven? SO YUM. GO CO!

Lynn said...

mmm I thought about making a challah tonight too! instead, we went out to show off our son to some friends! The resemblance of our little ones crying is uncanny!

girlranting said...


I had tagged you too, just to let you know. Hehehe