Monday, February 04, 2008

Stupid Things We Say (and do), Volume 2

I'll let this entertaining post sit up here while I work on the entry about panic disorder. Shiny happy blogger that I am.

1) Please keep on helping Flick Con the Bads! I know that the Bads have treated a dear friend, well, badly. But my Bads go to a good cause (two good causes if you count Jo's diapers). Flick away. (Blogfriends with Flick: I've developed the habit of flicking every time I visit.)

2) On Saturday night we were lying on the bed watching Saturday Night Fever on Vh1 Classic and enjoying the shots of our borough. (We are party animals.) Jo was napping in his snuggle nest, but at some point he woke and started doing his crazy active alert thing where his arms and legs move wildly and it looks like he’s dancing. We said he was entering the disco dancing competition. Then Co said he was doing the Highland Fling (he has Scottish ancestry on Nerdy Science Guy's side). Then we started singing "I'm Too Sexy For My Snuggle Nest."

3) Yesterday we were standing by Jo's changing table winding the mobile for the 34528th time, and we came up with the idea for an Election Mobile. Little candidates spinning around to music! There could be the Democratic mobile (it would have to include candidates who have dropped out) and the Republican mobile; or the non-partisan mobile with Clinton, Obama, Huckabee, Romney, McCain. I am not sure which mobile to put Ron Paul in. Maybe he would have to be a squishy toy on his own.

(To see Jo and his mobile, plus his "I'm Too Sexy (for my changing table)" dance, click here.)

4) Today I went out to do a few errands, including pick up seltzer for Co. I bought two bottles and as I was walking to the bank (quarters for Jo's endless laundry) the plastic bag broke. So I held the bottles in my arms against my chest as I stood in line at the bank. And at some point I realized that I was rocking and jiggling the seltzer bottles against my chest. Oops. (Fortunately Co won't be opening them for a while...)


oneofhismoms said...

Seltzer is the 6th "S!"

charlotte said...

dude, the seltzer bottle thing made me laugh out loud. crazy!

mrsbluemont said...

I'm Too Sexy For My Snuggle Nest?! I would do anything to hear that right now.

Thanks for making my day brighter! I couldn't help but spit out a laugh in my cubicle over the bottle jiggling. Off to click more Bads.