Friday, February 22, 2008

Photo Friday: Tranquility

What a wonderful topic!

I mulled it over for the past few days and the following two ideas popped to the forefront.

This first photo is from our 2006 honeymoon to this wonderful lesbian-owned-and-operated resort, which itself embodies tranquility. It was taken in the literal backyard of the hotel. The town in the distance is Frederiksted.
Frederiksted Town from the beach

I absolutely love the natural aspects of the Caribbean -- the weather, the water, the flowers and trees, the animals -- though the human behavior in the region (colonization, slavery, the resulting poverty/tourist economy) is less than tranquil.

And here is the most tranquil sight that we get around these parts:
Sleeping Angel

He is clearly as peaceful as can be. And oh, the tranquility for the mommies!!


L.McLhibbertain said...

Oh, he looks like the picture of tranquility. We went to that place in the carribean for our honeymoon too, also in 2006. I LOVED it there. We need some carribean right now.

J* said...

I bet that was an AMAZING honeymoon!!!!!
We're still waiting to go on ours;-)